Thanks for everything. It's been a blast

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Thanks for everything. It's been a blast

Post#1 » Sun Apr 12, 2020 11:03 am

Hey everyone;

Or whoever remains at the point. I just wanted to give whoever remains a heads up that in 14 days, our website will be coming offline permanently. This isn't like before were after some time we reemerged from the grave and tried to come back... this time is actually intended and we will not be coming back. It isn't about World of Warcraft, it isn't about the gaming community at all or the recent COVID-19. This is strictly a business move and and in reality, a personal move.

The most recent update at all done to the website was back in April of 2018. We have all but ceased operations on BZN. My team that I was working with, some friends I've met along the way... well, we've all gone our separate ways. I am the only one left on this website managing and developing it. And as of recently, I've found it harder and harder to even come onto the website at all, let alone build something that will never be used or be seen widely by the public or by the gaming community.

In 2011, my hopes was to create a website that would be as successful as Wowhead or MMO-Champion. I managed to get my team together, all close friends and family. A lot of my buddies were website designers and we managed to successfully build a custom website back in 2011/2012 and over the course of time, we managed to build custom themes for MOP. In some time in 2014, we lost the website . All work was gone, it was sudden and nothing recent was backed up. We were all hurt. We all turned a dead eye on the project with no hope left. In 2015, I was able to reclaim the domain and bring the website url back online, albeit, it was black for several months while I worked on getting the team back, or at least the ones who wanted to tag along.

Since 2015, we were working on several different things... an app for the website for iOS and android, which turned out to be a dud. The app came out great for android, but iOS was a task. But when we really sat down and discussed what the point of the app would be, we couldn't figure out what to really publish on it, other than a mobile version of the website, which is completely useless since our website was, in large part, design for desktop view. The app was scrapped in late 2016. Since, then, one of my buddies who was extremely well versed in web server management, decided that he didn't want to continue. After this, we all serious took a big look at what we're going to do from here. In all, we had 5 people on the team... myself included. with 4 of us left, we decided, lets try and get something set up, a custom website with no other design we would have to change every expansion. We set to work on this. We designed a custom build website that was a unique design that we were happy about. As it is very apparent, we did not release it. After the 4 of us came together on S4B, we released, the coding we used, HTML, is out of date and seriously risky to use on a website. It had a lot of security flaws. We once again scrapped this idea. This idea was just scrapped last week. Yesterday, on Saturday, the rest of us on the team, decided, enough is enough. We have decided that we are going to dissolve. Battle Zero Network was a fun idea in the beginning... but after nearly 10 years of ups and downs, redesign after redesign... we're calling it. 2 of my buddies and I are going into business in an un-related project that is not web based other than a regular information page we have set up. The other team member has recently had a new baby and is no longer going to venture into gaming/web development anymore.

With all this said, an open and honest letter to the little community we had... we had fun. Myself and my friends learned a lot about web design and we had a blast along the way behind the scenes. There was nights were we'd be up on vent (old school) laughing and chatting until all hours of the morning. We just couldn't seem to get a silly idea I had off the ground. And one of the reasons we believe that it wouldn't take off is... MMO's and that genre of gaming is dying. I am not saying WoW is dying, but the genre of MMOs is.

All in all, we had fun, a group of goofy guys with a pipe dream of making it big on an industry we entered too late in. We laughed, we cried, we stayed up all night trying to make something that would catch on, but it never came. And we've all accepted it at this point...

With all this said, I wanted to thank the people who have stuck with us, the people who were with us and the people who took their times to moderate our forums. Many of the people who were here in the very beginning have not returned, and many of the people who gave us that initial push to create something great has all but left.

Now is the time for us to close up shop and scamper off into the night. Were this website, myself and the team will become just a memory. A memory of a website that could have been, but didn't.

With the sad stuff and the story out of the way, here is the seriously hard part for me personally:

I have suspended payments to our hosting service for the website. in 14 days, we will come offline for good. If there is anything anyone wants to save, please do so. My buddies and I have decided, that we are going through with this, we do not want anything to hold on to. We have deleted back ups of the website in whole. Once goes offline in 14 days, that is it. Everything will be gone.

“End? No, the journey doesn't end here. Death is just another path. One that we all must take.”
― J.R.R. Tolkien

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